Want to Make the Most out of a Commercial Property Tour?

The Joseph & Camper Commercial Real Estate Brokerage team of commercial real estate brokers and investment experts prides themselves on a combined 50 years of experience. To secure the best possible location for our clients’ long-term success, we coordinate trade area analysis, optimal site location identification, site package completion, contract/lease negotiations, and legal coordination. A key part of exploring a commercial property with our clients is a Commercial Property Tour.

Tour Book

In preparation for a Multi-Property Tour, Joseph & Camper commercial real estate brokers create a Tour Book that looks great, informs you about the properties and outlines the analysis and support your broker will be providing.

Show You the Route

Your broker knows you’ll be looking at buildings you’re unfamiliar with in an area you don’t know well. Joseph & Camper Commercial helps make the process more efficient by creating a planned route for multi-building showings.

Keep in Touch with You

No matter how well-organized you and your broker are, delays and other unforeseen circumstances can be unavoidable. Your broker will keep in touch and keep everyone informed, prior to the Commercial Property Tour date and time.

Follow Up with You

Before the tour is over, they will ask how much time you would like before they follow up with you for next steps. They know you are busy people, and it can be easy to put real estate on the back burner, but your broker wants you to have the best chance of making a great deal.

Commercial Property Tour Main Objective

Your main objective during the tour is optimal site location identification. You need to know not only what condition the building and its components are in right now, but also estimate what expenses you may face in the near term and in the future. At a minimum, make a mental note of any major concerns. They’re often the costliest to maintain and repair and can greatly affect a building’s initial financial analysis.

After Site Selection - Property Condition Report

This is a comprehensive inspection and resulting report covering the major systems and components vital to the performance of a building, including:

• Heating and ventilation systems

• Air-conditioning system

• Plumbing system

• Mechanical and electrical systems

• Roof surface, drainage, and penetrations

• Exterior elements and fixtures

• General topography of the building site

• Parking areas and sidewalks (for barriers to accessibility)

• Wood decks and balconies

• Basement, foundation, and crawlspace

• Doors, windows, and interior

• Life-safety components

• Kitchen (including storage)

• Other areas that are specific to the subject property

A Property Condition Report will identify all physical deficiencies such as any visible defects, and deferred maintenance on the property’s components, material systems or equipment. Your property condition assessment report is the final due diligence document needed to provide an accurate assessment of a commercial property.

For more detailed information, refer to the International Standards of Practice for Inspecting Commercial Properties (ComSOP).

Newest Trend: Commercial Property Tours are Moving to High-Tech Virtual Tours

Some commercial brokers are now showing properties to potential buyers and tenants from around the country any time of the day or night, without scheduling appointments. By using the Internet, they are taking a page from residential real estate practitioners and turning to online property tours to showcase listings or peruse available properties for clients.

• Online property tours may not eliminate site visits altogether but are a way to search or sell at all hours and can help buyers or tenants narrow the selection of properties they want to visit in person.

• While not like being there in person, typical “tours” include 360-degree rotating views of different areas of a property (such as entrance, back entrance, and lobby) giving more dimension and range than still photographs. Users can control the virtual tours' speed and direction with a mouse and can zoom in and out on the image using the “A” and “Z” keys.

Whether your commercial real estate interest is in office, multifamily, retail, industrial, or healthcare, Joseph & Camper Commercial Real Estate Brokerage helps clients explore commercial listings all over Central Illinois, including Peoria, Tazewell, McLean, Woodford, Marshall, Stark, Fulton, and Knox counties. Use our map to explore a wide variety of commercial properties in Central Illinois. Contact us today or call 309-691-5919.